List of Services


Aurelina Kraemer holds a basic and advanced certificate in Botox and Dermal Fillers. She is one of the best priced servicers in the state. 





Aure Kraemer is well versed in Telehealth and is looking forward to extending this service to those of you who find this more convenient.





Family Health

Dr. Kraemer’s degree is actually in family health. She would love to be your Primary Care Provider. Aure loves to offer outstanding service to each of her patients. She is Easy To Reach and Easy To Schedule.





IV Vitamin Drips

Dr. Kraemer is excited to offer vitamin drips as another aspect of her cutting-edge services.






Health Insurance and Worker's Compensation


I am committed to helping you receive the medical care you need while working to limit your out of pocket expense.  Along these lines, I work with most health insurances and also with workers' compensation cases.  For your benefit, I will file the insurance claims on your behalf and give you one less thing to do in your busy life. I accept most major insurance carriers.


If you don't have health insurance, I offer very reasonable rates.  I also accept payments through credit cards.  Please call/text me to discuss all options at your disposal.



Sick Visits

Are you or your child recently feeling unwell?  I am a primary care provider and will put my experience and knowledge to use to help you find out what's wrong and get you feeling better.

I am well trained and experienced in the management of colds and coughs, flus, fever, headaches and migraines, upper respiratory conditions (bronchitis, sinus infections), urinary tract infections, ear infections, and other common illnesses.  I have worked in the hospital setting for many years and have treated thousands of patients with these symptoms.


Women's Health and Pap Smears

Women's health is the branch of medicine that is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that specifically affect a woman's physical and emotional well-being.  Being a woman myself, I am positioned well to understand and care for the health of other women.

Certain tests should be performed routinely on women to make sure they are remaining healthy.  One of these tests is a pap smear, also known as a pap test.  These are performed every 3-5 years in healthy women to test your cervix for anything that is not normal.  The cervix is the lower part of the uterus (the womb) which then opens into the vagina. If there are abnormal cells here, it can lead to cervical cancer.

Pap smears are used to detect precancerous cells on the cervix so they can help you prevent cervical cancer.  Although cervical cancer is often caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) which is spread through genital or anal contact, you should get routine Pap smears even if you aren't sexually active.


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