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Honolulu Family Health Services

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Family Health:

Family health is less about treating diseases and more about taking care of people. 

I personally have a lot of experience taking care of families and it is one of my favorite things to do.  Despite the name “family health”, you can be a single person without children and still benefit greatly from a family health provider such as myself.

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Honolulu Family Health Services


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There are 5 essential roles involved in family health


Preventative Care:

Preventative care involves education in disease prevention and health maintenance therefore caring for your entire being, including your mental and emotional needs. 


Managing Common Complaints:

When a child has a flu virus, or you feel like you’re coming down with another bladder infection, I am your go to medical resource for the appropriate prescription medication. If your child needs immunizations for school or camp, or you have concerns about your child’s physical growth rate, I am your first stop.


Diagnosing Emerging Conditions:

Because family health providers typically provide care to you and your family over long periods of time, we know your medical history very well. I will know what’s “normal” for you, and am often the first person you confide in when you experience new or unusual symptoms. My familiarity with your medical records helps me to quickly recognize a significant change that might indicate a serious or hidden condition.


Manage Chronic Illnesses:

Heart disease, stroke, asthma, diabetes and cancer are some of the most common chronic and degenerative conditions managed by family health care providers. I can provide ongoing and personalized care to you through some of the most challenging times in your life, continuing to use diagnostic tests to assess your progress and determine the next best step in your individualized treatment plan. 


Director Of Your Health Care Team:

When necessary, I will refer you to a specialist if your condition becomes serious and requires a more concentrated focus, but will stay involved and informed, acting as your primary care provider. This spares you the stress of having to figure everything out alone. I will interface with a collaborative network of physicians, rehabilitation therapists, mental health workers, pharmacists, and other health care providers to ensure all of your medical needs are met.


Honolulu Family Health Services


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I would love to be your family health provider and take care of you and your family the way you deserve.

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