Sick Visits

Sick Visits

Are you or your child recently feeling unwell?  I am a primary care provider and will put my experience and knowledge to use to help you find out what's wrong and get you feeling better.

I am well trained and experienced in the management of colds and coughs, flus, fever, headaches and migraines, upper respiratory conditions (bronchitis, sinus infections), urinary tract infections, ear infections, and other common illnesses.  I have worked in the hospital setting for many years and have treated thousands of patients with these symptoms.

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Children often require sick visits because they are prone to many illnesses. Often they can have disturbing symptoms or discomfort.  If your child is not well, I am happy to help get them feeling better as quickly as possible. Common symptoms that children experience are fever, diarrhea, or an ear infection. I am well positioned to help with these symptoms.

If you or your child are feeling sick, I will make every effort to schedule an appointment for you on the same day you call me.  

A sick visit is when we concentrate on the problem or ailment that brings you in. This is different than a well visit which is designed to generally assess your overall health and well-being.  Same day sick visits are for minor, urgent medical needs and not for long term chronic issues or preventative services.  

Sick visits are also not for medical emergencies, like chest pain or shortness of breath and other serious symptoms.  You should go to the emergency room or call 911 if you have a medical emergency.

If you or your child are feeling unwell with one of the common symptoms listed above, I will be happy to help you treat the problem and will do my best to get you a same day appointment. If appropriate, I can write you a note for your work or whoever it may concern.

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